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Woman reading a book in a cozy bed

(photo credit: Monstera via pexels)

Oh, my gourd—can’t believe it’s already fall! If you’re like us, you’re a huge fan of the cooler weather, deep fall tones, and leaves falling. There’s nothing better than cozying up with a book and a coffee (or tea) in front of the fireplace, surrounded by fall décor touches in your home. Whether it be accenting your space with twinkling string lights, decorative pumpkins or adding fall colours and textures, decorating for fall is one of our favorite pastimes. The shorter days will have a lot of us spending more time at home. We’re giving you 5 tips to make your home cozier for fall – bring on those cozy fall nights!

1. Accessorize & paint your front door

pumpkins on doorsteps

(photo credit: Sasha Prasastika via pexels)

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll most likely have a front entry that can become an autumn oasis. Step up your fall game by adding some color to the front door. Whether it’s a deep red, forest green, or a fresh coat of white paint, your front entrance will stand out. We recommend using some of the leftover paint that you didn’t finish up from your summer project. You can also pick up leftover paint for free at many of Product Care’s recycling locations across Canada. Paint is shared on an as-is, as available basis and we recommend contacting the location prior to picking up.

Once you’ve painted the front door, it’s time to accessorize! Look at adding some pumpkins and accent with some fallen leaves. If you want to add a spooky touch for Halloween, carve or paint some scary pumpkin faces (more ideas below!) or decorate with some spider webs. Whatever you do, make it unique and have some fun with it!

Once you’ve finished accessorizing your front door, be sure to recycle your leftover paint at a recycling location near you and check out our How is your leftover paint recycled? post to see how its recycled.

2. Paint your pumpkins, squashes & gourds:

painted pumpkin with hand holding one

(photo credit: cotton bro via pexels)

What’s fall without decking out your front steps with pumpkins? Instead of a traditional pumpkin carving, we love getting creative and painting ours! Pumpkins,  squashes and gourds can all be painted, so get those creative juices flowing! Head to your local grocery store, pumpkin patch, or your own garden, and pick up some mismatched pumpkins. It doesn’t matter if they’re imperfect because you’ll be covering up any marks or dents.

Once you’ve picked your pumpkin, grab a cloth and give it a proper clean. You’ll want to make sure it’s free of any dirt, so the paint goes on smooth. Once it’s clean and dry, you can start painting! You can use any of the leftover paint you have in your garage. Pick any colour that would match your home and start the paint process. Get creative and  add some patterns or glitter. If you’re feeling artistic, go for a beautiful drawing or quote. This is also a great kid-friendly activity on a rainy day!

3. Painting a statement wall:

couch and tables with green wall

(photo credit: Jane Duursma via unsplash)

Looking to add some color to your living room or bedroom? You’d be surprised at how a few coats of paint can transform your space. If you’ve got neutral details in your living room, why not add some color! A beautiful burgundy or forest green accent wall can really add dimension and give any room a fall vibe. You can keep the color all year long or switch it up every few months. Use our PaintShare program to deck out your space. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration and color palettes that match your furniture. You can also play off your accent wall with  some of your favorite home décor pieces like throw pillows,

4. Adding string lights to any room or your patio:

lights on branch on top of bed

(photo credit: Olena Sergienko via unsplash)

Twinkling lights aren’t just for the holiday season, they’re great to add some warmth to your home for fall. Not only do they add some added light, but they can make your place romantic and inviting. Twinkling string lights or hanging bulbs are great inside your home or on your patio. There are a ton of great lighting options on Facebook Marketplace, or at any of your local second hand shops. If you’re buying new bulbs, we suggest LED lights as they’ll last longer, and are better for the environment. Add some warm blankets and pillows, and you’ll have the coziest spot for reading, movie watching or hosting your loved ones. Lights can really transform both your indoor and outdoor space by giving it that cozy fall vibe!

Do you have burnt out lightbulbs or broken lighting fixtures (lamps, electric candles, chandeliers, etc.)? You can bring your used light bulbs to one of 1,300 recycling locations in British Columbia (fixtures can also be recycled in BC), Manitoba, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island. Find out what lighting products are accepted in your province.

5. Fall Baking

cranberry muffins

(photo credit: alleksana via pexels)

Now that the weather has cooled down, turning on the oven doesn’t seem so crazy. We’re here to give you some fall-inspired baking ideas. There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh-baked goodies. When we think fall baking, we think muffins. There are so many variations you can choose from with all those fresh fall fruits and veggies. Take out that cookbook, head to the internet, or if you’re feeling extra adventurous – bake from scratch (no recipe required). Some of our favorites are these cranberry, apple cinnamon or pumpkin muffins.

We suggest grabbing your ingredients from your local grocery store or better yet – check out our zero waste grocery store guide to find a zero waste grocery shop in your province. Decreasing your impact on the environment, while making some delicious treats sounds like a great fall afternoon to us! Make sure to snag a few bites before you share your baking with your friends and family.

Have you made your home cozier for fall? Share your photos and tag us on Instagram or Facebook. You’ll find us cozied up in front of the fireplace with a book and warm coffee.

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