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At just under five million people, British Columbia (BC) is the third largest province in Canada. About half of the population lives in Greater Vancouver, the province’s largest urban centre.

BC has a very diverse landscape, from coasts, to deserts, to glaciers, to lakes; the province covers many terrains, which Product Care Recycling is committed to protecting by providing waste diversion solutions.

In 1994, BC became the first province to introduce Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for paint under the BC Recycling Regulation, and so Product Care Recycling was created. Since then,  household hazardous waste, lights and alarms have been added to the Product Care Recycling purview in BC.

Our recycling programs in British Columbia

In BC we have recycling programs for paint, HHW, lights and alarms.

In BC’s paint recycling program, you can recycle many types of paint products including alkyd paint, latex paint, empty paint cans and paint aerosols. In our household hazardous waste program, we accept pesticides, and flammable liquids, including gasoline. In our lights recycling program, we accept many types of light bulbs as well as fixtures like bike lights, floor lamps and even chandeliers. In our alarms recycling program, we accept household smoke alarms and CO alarms. For full details of accepted products, please visit each program’s page.

Accepted Products

Click the product buttons below to see a full list of accepted products:


Household Hazardous Waste

Light Bulbs & Fixtures

Smoke & CO Alarms

Commercial Volumes

We offer free pick up for large volumes. Click the buttons below to find out if you qualify:

Paint (large volumes)

Light Bulbs & Fixtures (large volumes)

Smoke/CO Alarms (large volumes)


2022 Collection Highlights

  • ~2.8 million litres of paint
  • 150,000 litres of HHW
  • ~6.5 million units of lighting products
  • ~117,000 alarms

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