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At over 14 million people, Ontario is by far the most populated province in Canada. Toronto, with a population of almost three million, is the province’s and country’s largest city.

Ontario is divided into the metropolitan south and the rugged, vast land of the north. The province is covered in lakes and trees and has long, cold winters and humid, hot summers. Product Care Recycling is committed to protecting these lakes and trees, by providing waste diversion solutions across the province. 

The Ontario Waste Diversion Act of 2002 contributed to Ontario’s recycling programs and the Waste-Free Ontario Act of 2016 is helping transform recycling in Ontario moving forward. The Ontario paint recycling program launched with Product Care in June 2015, and the household hazardous waste (HHW) program launched in April 2016, and includes pesticides, solvents and fertilizers.

Recycling locations in Ontario are comprised of municipal special and hazardous waste collection depots, municipal events where paint and HHW materials are collected, and non-municipal sites who collect leftover paint only, such as retailers. In 2016, Product Care continued to work with the program’s retail recycling locations to strengthen this key element of the recycling system for Ontario residents.

In Ontario, Product Care Recycling operates a paint recycling program and a household hazardous waste program. In our paint recycling program, you can recycle many types of paint products including alkyd paint, latex paint, empty paint cans and paint aerosols. In our household hazardous waste program, we accept pesticides, solvents and fertilizers. For full details of accepted products, please visit Ontario’s paint and household hazardous waste program pages.



2020 Collection Highlights

  • 9,571 tonnes of paint
  • 375 tonnes of household hazardous waste

Product Care partners with over 420 recycling locations, making it even more convenient for individuals to recycle their paint.

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