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Accepted Products

Coming Soon, Alberta HSP program launches in April 2025.


Accepted products will include:

  • – Corrosive products*
  • – Flammable products*
  • – Pesticides*
  • – Toxic products*

*and the containers in which they are contained.

Supplied in quantities that are under 10Kg for solids, 10L for liquids and 680g for gaseous products.

Consumer products only. The product must be in its original container with the original label. The label must have one or more of the consumer hazard warning symbols on it.



No products that are intended to go down the drain will not be included in the program.

Products registered under the Pest Control Products Act (has a PCP number), that are insect repellants for personal use, disinfectants, sanitizers and antimicrobial products.



  • – Producer Registration with ARMA by Dec 31, 2023
  • – Producers, and therefore PROs, will be required to provide verification of collection and management plans to ARMA by October 1, 2024
  • – The EPR System for HSP must be operational by April 1, 2025


Next Steps

When more information becomes available. Product Care will contact members to provide an update on:

  • – Registration process for HSP Producers
  • – More detail on HSP Product scope and definitions
  • – Reporting requirements
  • – More detail on the proposed collection and management plan for Product Care Producers in Alberta.

You can find all updates on our members news page.

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