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Saskatchewan is a famously friendly province, with a small town atmosphere even in its cities.  Saskatoon and Regina, Saskatchewan’s largest cities, are home to about half the population, the whole province totalling just over one million people.

Saskatchewan has very distinct seasons, with cold, long winters and hot, dry summers. The south of the province is covered in fertile grasslands, while the boreal forest stretches across the upper half. Saskatchewan is known as “the land of living skies” due to its incredible sunsets, cloud formations, and the visible northern lights. Product Care Recycling is committed to supporting the protection of Saskatchewan’s natural environment, by providing waste diversion solutions for paint across the province. 

The Saskatchewan paint recycling program managed by Product Care Recycling began in 2006 under the Waste Paint Management Regulation. Product Care Recycling continues to partner with the well-recognized SARCAN recycling network with over 70 recycling locations, as well as select retail locations, to provide Saskatchewan residents with convenient access to recycle their unwanted paint products.

Our paint recycling program in Saskatchewan accepts many types of paint products including alkyd paint, latex paint, empty paint cans and paint aerosols. For full details of accepted products, please visit the program page.

Launching April 1, 2021, our HHW recycling program in Saskatchewan accepts household hazardous waste including domestic pesticides, toxics, corrosives, flammable liquids and certain non-refillable fuel cylinders. For full details of accepted products, please visit the program page.


2020 Collection Highlights

  • 295,000 litres of paint

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