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Product Care is funded by its membership, a group of more than 700 producers of products such as paint and light bulbs. The producer members pay Product Care an environmental handling fee for each product supplied into the market, and this revenue is used by Product Care to operate our recycling programs.

About Environmental Handling Fees

Environmental handling fees (EHF) are remitted to Product Care by our members. The fees are not a tax or a refundable deposit.

The fee on each item in our programs is based on the calculated cost of collecting and recycling the materials in the products. The fees collected are used to pay for the collection, transportation and recycling of end-of-life products as well as program administration and education. To see specific product EHFs, visit the product page and select your province.

EHFs are sometimes recovered by the producer at the time of retail sale, as a separate line item on the sales slip, depending on the store and the province.

Why is EPR important?

EPR provides the funding for the safe and responsible management of these products at end-of-life so that they can be diverted from our landfills and waterways. The diverted materials can often be reused, or recycled, thereby conserving our natural resources.

Many day-to-day products can also be harmful when they reach end-of-life, if improperly disposed of. By returning your products to the appropriate recycling location, you can be sure they will be safely and responsibly managed.

Learn more about EPR program funding and “eco fees” in our FAQs section.

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