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Nova Scotia is Canada’s second-smallest province with a population of about 920,000 people, but is also the second most densely populated province.

Described as “Canada’s Ocean Playground”, Nova Scotia is surrounded by four large bodies of water, including the Atlantic Ocean, and is home to many bays and estuaries, as well as more than 3,800 islands. Product Care Recycling is committed to protecting Nova Scotia’s environment by providing waste diversion solutions for paint across the province.   

Since 2012, Product Care Recycling has been supporting local jobs in Nova Scotia and protecting the planet through our paint recycling program. The Nova Scotia paint recycling program was established by Divert Nova Scotia in 2002 pursuant to Nova Scotia’s Solid Waste Resource Management Regulations, with Product Care Recycling assuming full responsibility for the program in 2012. Product Care Recycling continues to partner with organizations, like Divert Nova Scotia, through promotional and educational activities to ensure the people of Nova Scotia are able to recycle their paint. 

The program accepts residential paint products at a variety of recycling locations including government facilities, retailers and Enviro-Depots.

In Nova Scotia’s paint recycling program, we accept many types of paint products including alkyd paint, latex paint, empty paint cans and paint aerosols.

For full details of accepted products, please visit the Nova Scotia paint program page.


2022 Collection Highlights

  • 404,000 litres of paint

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