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Your guide to buying zero waste groceries in Canada

Adopting a lower waste lifestyle can seem daunting, but with the introduction of zero waste grocery stores across the country, the journey is getting easier.

To help with the transition to lower waste, we’ve compiled a list of stores from across the country working to provide zero waste options. From bulk foods, to refillable soaps, these stores offer products that are good for you and good for the planet.

There are zero waste grocery stores from Kelowna, BC to Charlottetown, PEI offering a plethora of environmentally-friendly goods and necessities.

Discover some stores in your own backyard that are taking zero waste from dream to reality!


1. West Coast Refill (Victoria, BC) – This island store stocks home and body care products, as well as DIY ingredients to make your own in the comfort of your home.

2. NADA (Vancouver, BC) – Nada took zero waste grocery shopping by storm when they opened in 2016. You can find a wide variety of eggs, dairy, produce, bulk goods, and more at their Vancouver location.

3. The Refill Stop (New Westminster, BC) – Refill, reuse, repeat! Here, you can find products for laundry, bath, body care, and DIY.

4. Soap Dispensary (Vancouver, BC) – The Soap Dispensary refills over 800 products, from shampoos, to laundry detergents, to kimchi – and they also offer classes for making your own products

5. Farmbound (Kelowna, BC) – Local and organic. Farmbound offers organic produce, an apothecary, personal care products, and more.

6. Our Footprints (Kamloops, BC) – Launched in 2020, this store in Kamloops offers a variety of zero waste and sustainable products as well as contactless pickup and delivery in Kamloops.

7. Zero Waste Emporium (Victoria, BC) – Vancouver Island’s FIRST Zero Waste grocery store provide affordable package free shopping experience by bringing own clean containers or borrow one from store.

8. Delish General Store + Jar Bar Refillery (North Vancouver, BC) – You can refill a variety of general store products from dishwasher and body soaps, cleaners, shampoos, deodorants, laundry, and more.


7. Canary Goods (Calgary, AB) – Canary Goods offers products ranging from shampoo, to deodorant, to home cleaning supplies.

8. Nude Market (Edmonton, AB) – This Edmonton gem offers their own line of nut butters, a Nudeshop, and the NudeRefillery!


9. Bulk Basket (Saskatoon, SK) – The Bulk Basket is a one-stop shop offering products such as coffee and tea, chocolate, spices, and other necessities.


10. Organic Planet – Organic Planet has been in business for over 30 years. They offer a selection of bulk items, including gluten free pastas and flours, beans, rice, grains, cereals, herbs and teas, as well as refillable dish and laundry soaps.


11. Nu Grocery (Ottawa, ON) – Located in both the Hintonbourg and Main St. area, Nu Grocery offers a wide array of food products including dry goods, eggs and dairy products, baked goods, treats, and personal and home hygiene products.

12. Zero Waste Bulk (Waterloo, ON) – Aiming to make zero waste shopping more convenient, Zero Waste Bulk offers a large variety of goods, from bulk pickles to gluten-free, vegan donuts.

13. Unboxed Market (Toronto, ON) – Opened in 2019, Unboxed has a lot of zero waste grocery goods and services, including a butcher counter and smoke house, dry goods, and a café.

14. The Keep Refillery (Creemore, Kingston, and Meaford, ON)- The Keep Refillery has 3 locations in Ontario that offer a variety of zero waste goods as well as cruelty-free,  100% natural and biodegradable products.

15. Harlowe Green (Kingston, ON)- Launched in 2020, Harlowe Green is an eco-friendly store that offers refill shopping as well as refill delivery services.

16. Refillery District (Mississauga, ON)-  Located in Mississauga, Refillery District is a refillable and sustainable store offering free-range meats, natural skincare products, green household products and organic products.

17. Neighbourhood Refillery (Barrie, ON)- Neighbourhood Refillery provides low waste grocery deliveries within Barrie, Ontario.


18. Méga Vrac (Montreal, QC) – Méga Vrac boasts over 1000 products, including spices, nuts, granola, vinegars, and much more. They have two locations in Montreal.

19. LOCO (Montreal, Verdun, and Brossard, QC) – With three locations, LOCO stocks everything from bulk grains, to eggs, to kombucha. With a focus on local, sustainable products, it’s definitely worth a visit!

20. Vrac & Bocaux (Montreal, QC) – “The best waste is no waste” is the motto for V&B. They offer healthy, local, eco-friendly products like bulk spices, flours, and cheeses at affordable prices.


21. Terraterre, Moncton (Moncton, NB) – Based in Moncton, one of three urban centres in New Brunswick, Terraterre offers organic bulk goods, as well as supplies to get you started on your zero waste journey.


22. The Tare Shop (Halifax, NS) – Spices, soaps, sugars… you name it! The Tare Shop has a well-stocked bulk store, as well as events that help people start a zero waste lifestyle.


23. Monsieur Vrac Charlottetown (Charlottetown, PEI) – Monsieur Vrac Charlottetown is a full service package-free shop. Whether you are looking for zero-waste bathroom, laundry, or travel products, this is your spot!


24. Riverside Grocery (Whitehorse, YUKON) – Riverside grocery has been family owned since 1982. They are working on making the transition to zero waste, but in the meantime, they have a fantastic selection of bring-your-own-container bulk bin items available!


Bulk Barn – Bulk Barn was established in 1982 and offers over 4000 products in each of their locations. These shops can be found in most provinces, offering a huge variety of goods to fill your cupboards. Visit their website to find a location near you.

Your local grocery store – Your local grocery store may allow you to bring your own containers for bulk goods. Check with the cashier or customer service next time you’re at the store.


Zero Waste Home App: Created by zero waste mogul, Bea Johnson, this digital mapping tool app allows you to find locations in and around your neighbourhood where you can shop without waste.

Did we miss one of your zero waste grocery favourites? Let us know!


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