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It’s almost the end of Summer, which means a lot of us have taken on some painting projects around the house. Do you find yourself with some leftover paint? The best thing to do is to use it up.

With many of us investing more into our homes and workspaces, we’re sharing 4 great ways to utilize that leftover paint. If one of these projects piques your interest, and you don’t have paint at home, see what might be available through our PaintShare program (fun fact – it’s completely free!). Now for those ideas…

1. Repaint your home office desk

laptop on white desk

(Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels)

With many of us still working from home, our workspaces can start looking a little tired. So why not refresh your workspace and desk with fresh paint! They say that a brighter space can boost your productivity.

Take your desk from drab to fab, by sanding it down and giving it a fresh coat of paint. You can add fun details like unique knobs, hooks or drawer pulls! Lastly, add some fun accessories to the top of the desk, like lamps, foliage, or photo frames. Consider checking out your closest secondhand store or your local home décor shop for those bits and bobs to liven up the space. It’s always fun to switch around some of those pieces you have in different parts of your home too! If you need some inspiration, we recommend checking out Pinterest!

2. Refresh your old mirrors or picture frames

mirror and table inside home

(Photo credit: Pixabay via Pexels.)

We all have those items we’ve forgotten about, like old mirrors or picture frames. They may be antiques, inherited items or something we’ve thought of selling at our next yard sale. Pro tip: donate or update them with fresh coat of paint!

Does that old mirror need a modern twist? A white mirror can really brighten up your space, or if you want to have some fun with it – try gold or a bright color.

If you have a collection of frames and mirrors, you can incorporate them into a gallery wall! They’re a great addition to any room and a unique way to personalize your space. We recommend mixing prints of text, quotes, photos and illustrations. Try adding some foliage to the mix to spruce it up. Whether it’s a wreath or potted plant, it can really add some dimension and interest to the wall!

Looking to add some new frames or mirrors into the mix? Snag a good deal at your local secondhand or dollar store. They both have cheap finds that can easily be customized to your space with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you’re painting a few frames, or adding them to a collection, have fun with it!

3. Add some color to your front door

If you’re a homeowner and not in a condo, you have the freedom to update the exterior of your home. If you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest has some great ideas, and Benjamin Moore has a palette featuring the most popular front door colours. Painting your door a solid colour is a great way to add a unique accent to your front steps, and if you’re feeling adventurous, paint a pattern or florals. We guarantee your neighbors will be jealous!

front door painted in yellow with light next to it

(Photo credit: pixabay via pexels)

4. Update your outdoor space & furniture

Many of us have missed hosting outdoor gatherings, so as we transition back to outdoor get-togethers, why not update your backyard or patio space. Have you been meaning to paint or stain your fence, deck, or patio table? Now’s the time! Make sure you check that you’ve got the proper paint to withstand the weather. Put on some music, sunscreen and enlist a few friends to help— just make sure you have some drinks and snacks for them!

table painted gray and bench on patio with plants

(Photo credit: Rachel Clair via Pexels)

wine on gray tray with pillows and blanket

(Photo credit: Peter Goldberg via Pexels)

We would love to hear if you’ve used our PaintShare program, or if you have used up your leftover paint in a creative way! Share your paint projects with us on Facebook or Instagram – and finally, if there’s any paint you can’t use up, make sure you recycle it.

If you’re using any removal products for your projects, don’t forget to safely dispose of your leftover solvents through our household hazardous waste recycling program in BC, Manitoba and Ontario. To see what products are accepted by our program, click on your province for more details.

Happy Painting!

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