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Product Care Recycling is an industry funded not-for-profit. The Manitoba lights program is funded entirely by Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) remitted to Product Care by its industry members. The fees are utilized for collection, transportation, recycling and safe disposal of returned products, as well as program administration and communication.

The Environmental Handling Fees may be displayed as a separate charge by vendors, sometimes described as an eco-fee, environmental handling fee, or recycling fee on the receipt.

The Environmental Handling Fee is part of the price of regulated products and therefore subject to applicable sales taxes. While the taxes are remitted to the government, the fee itself is not remitted to the government.

EHFs prior to April 1, 2024

Current EHFs

Tubes measuring less than or equal to 2 feet
Tubes measuring greater than 2 feet and up to or equal to 4 feet
Tubes measuring greater than 4 feet
Compact fluorescent lights (CFL) / Screw-in induction lamps

Tubes include linear, U-shape and circ-line.  Their length is the length of the tube if straightened.

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