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It’s no wonder gardening is growing in popularity, and is even considered a form of therapy. It’s more stress-relieving than other leisure activities and allows us to grow our own food, get closer to nature, and create our very own spaces to relax in and enjoy.

If you live in an apartment without outdoor space, a garden bursting with life and abundance might feel like a faraway dream. But fear not! With these five simple indoor garden ideas, you can transform even the tiniest of spaces into a slice of paradise.

1. An indoor herb garden that fits in even the tiniest apartment

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Apartment-dwellers are no strangers to growing herbs on a windowsill, but small space living has encouraged a new wave of innovative ideas for growing indoors, like these vertical herb planters.

Because herbs don’t need as much soil as other plants, they’re great candidates for a vertical garden, which takes up no counter space at all! Pot your herbs in aluminum cans or mason jars and use a trellis, wire rack or reclaimed wood as a base to attach them to a wall. We love this gorgeous DIY painted vertical garden from Brit + Co to bring a pop of colour into any room. If you’re looking for paint for a project like this, check out our paint reuse program to see if you can pick some up for free.strong

Pro tip: If you want to start your herb garden from seeds, using eggshells as seed starters is a great way to make use of what you may already have in your kitchen!

2. A fairy garden you can get creative with

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Fairy gardens are just so magical! These adorable miniature gardens contain real, growing plants, take up very little space, and are said to bring good luck to your home. They’re the perfect small-scale gardening project to inspire kids – although adults will also love cultivating a garden and deciding which tiny feature to add next!

It’s easy to start small with a fairy garden, using whichever materials you have on hand. Even a broken ceramic pot can be the perfect home for your new garden. These ideas on how to grow your garden are full of whimsy and show just how intricate you can get. You can even use tiny fairy lights to decorate your garden!

3. A balcony vegetable garden fit for a feast

(Photo credit: Artur Aleksanian via Unsplash)

If you have a balcony or patio, you might be surprised by how easy it is to grow a harvest of vegetables with very little space! Plants that grow well in pots and will thrive on your balcony include lettuce, spinach, tomatoes – which are a new gardener’s best friend – and many other healthy treats including carrots, cucumbers and squash.

Salad lovers may also enjoy growing microgreens – these miniature greens taste tender, sweet and fresh, and you can even eat the roots! There are many different types like sunflower shoots, which are high in protein, take up little space, and only need to grow for a couple of weeks before they can be harvested. They can be grown outdoors in shade during the summer and should be misted a few times a day if you live in a very dry place.

4. A tiny DIY terrarium you can tend to anywhere

(Photo credit: Nielsen Ramon via Unsplash)

Like fairy gardens, terrariums are bigger than the sum of their parts, creating a tiny universe that you can easily get lost in. Succulents are the perfect tenants for a terrarium – they like lots of light, so being contained in glass is ideal. As the glass casing acts like a mini greenhouse, terrarium plants thrive in bright rooms, but away from direct sunlight. To save space, they can even be hung from the ceiling!

Make your terrarium unique by using upcycled glassware. In Emma Hardy’s book Teeny Tiny Gardening she suggests using glass tumblers, while light bulbs, jars and even books can act as unconventional homes for little plants.

Build up your own terrarium from scratch by following this tutorial.

5. A succulent garden to bring nature indoors

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

For a unique home for succulents that’s affordable and natural, try planting them in a hollowed-out log or a piece of driftwood. Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, natural wood planters can be hung from above, placed on a balcony or porch, or even used to create a forest-inspired corner in your home.

You can often find suitable pieces of wood at a local park or beach, or, failing that, a garden centre – and you’ll need a drill to hollow out a home for your plants. Try mixing it up with cacti and herbs, too – see this tutorial for all the steps you need to follow to create your plants’ happy new home.

Do you have any indoor garden ideas, or a tiny garden of your own? We’d love to hear about it! Send us your pictures @ProductCareCAN, and visit our Pinterest board for more ideas.


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