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No matter which part of Canada you call home, there’s no better time than Earth Day to celebrate all the natural beauty this country has to offer!

Earth Day is a huge global event which has been celebrated in Canada since 1980. Earth Day is April 22nd and is the perfect opportunity to think about how we can make the world a better place. There are so many ways to get involved – like these small changes you can make to move towards a happier, healthier life that’s also kinder to the planet.

1. Get outdoors

nature-walk-stanley-park-vancouverDid you know that the average child only spends four hours a week playing outdoors? We challenge you – kids and adults alike – to get outside and start exploring the nature that’s local to you, wherever that may be.

On April 22nd, why not visit a local park, forest, beach, or explore the urban jungle of your own neighborhood. Find an Earth Day event near you and get involved.

To get closer to nature every day, learn some gardening basics or try an eco-friendly DIY project like this zero waste bird feeder. If you don’t have any outdoor space, you can create your very own indoor forest to purify the air in your home, join a community garden or grow some fragrant herbs on your windowsill.

2. Consume less and connect more

meditation-in-natureMany people find that connecting to others and the natural environment makes them happy, while acquiring “stuff” does not. There are many reasons why buying stuff doesn’t make us happy, and we’re becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of a more minimal lifestyle.

It’s no accident that meditation apps and videos are often themed with rain, forests and calming ocean sounds – practicing mindfulness and meditation is much easier when we’re outside in nature, and hearing birds sing can reduce anxiety. Challenge yourself to be still and connect with the earth with a guided nature meditation, or by simply noticing what’s around you.

3. Save the planet by ‘plogging’!

ploggingPlogging is a craze that’s taking the jogging community by storm. To plog simply means to collect litter as you jog, hike or walk. In keeping with the traditional Earth Day activity of litter-picking, why not host a plogging event of your own?

Not only will you get some great exercise and clean up your community, it’s also a great way to become more mindful of the trash we throw away every day, and the difference that we can make through low-impact living and using fewer disposable products.

4. Learn about plastic pollution and how you can reduce it

plastic-pollution-on-beachThe focus of Earth Day in 2018 is reducing plastic pollution. Using fewer plastics can help save marine life, improve our health, and avoid polluting landfills. Although many plastics can be recycled, it’s a complicated process. In 2017, 79% of plastics still ended up in landfills and waterways.

Calculate your plastic consumption to get an idea of the impact it has on our environment. If you live in BC, you can also use this handy waste wizard to see which plastics can be recycled – into packaging, fleece clothing, rope, car bumpers, and much more!

Want more green living tips? See 22 reasons why you should celebrate Earth Day every day.

Tell us how you’re getting closer to nature this Earth Day! Tweet us and get involved with hashtags #EarthDay2018 and #ConsumeLess.


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