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February is Black History Month, and now more than ever it’s important to amplify Black voices—not just in February, but all year round. One way to do this is by diversifying your social media feeds. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of our favourite green influencers that you should follow. These individuals will add style, inspiration and important perspectives to your feeds. Get your phones out! Here they are:

green influencer

1. Ashley Renne (@heyashleyrenne)

Ashley is a plant-based food expert, a new mom, and a human and animal rights advocate. On her Instagram, this green influencer cover topics for soon-to-be or new mothers. This includes plant-based foods that increase breastmilk supply to greening your maternity fashion.

You can follow Ashley on Instagram or watch her videos on YouTube. She also has a blog, Travel Lushes.

green influencer

2. Mikaela Loach (@mikaelaloach)

Mikaela is a medical professional and climate/antiracist activist based in Edinburgh. We love her posts about being Black in the medical field, ethical fashion, consumerism, and her DIY tutorial for twisted candles.

Find Mikaela on Instagram or check out her website.

green influencer

3. Jenné Claiborne (@sweetpotatosoul)

Ready to have some delicious vegan food grace your Instagram feed? Jenné’s accounts are not only full of wholesome plant-based recipes, they also feature eco-friendly tips. These include how to use baking soda to get rid of stains on your cookware and items you can stop buying in your kitchen to be more sustainable and save money.

You can follow Jenné on Instagram or check out her YouTube channel. She also has a website.

green influencer

4. Ron Griswell (@rongriswell)

Ron is an outdoor adventurer who is enthusiastic about environmental protection. He founded HBCUs Outside, which inspires college students to get outside for individual wellness and to care for local natural spaces.

You can find this green influencer (and some beautiful landscape photography) on Instagram.

green influencer

5. Tiffany Alexander (@tiffanyalex_)

Tiffany is a sustainability advocate who’s green in more than one way. Her enthusiasm for plants is infectious! On her Instagram, she talks about celebrating all types of environmental action as a consumer, and her natural Play-Doh recipes.

You can find Tiffany on Instagram.

green influencer

6. Jazmine Rogers (@thatcurlytop)

Jazmine is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle content creator. We love her funky and colourful ethical outfits and her refill product haul videos.

Find Jazmine on Instagram and YouTube.


Happy following! Want to diversify your feed further? Check out our list of BIPOC influencers to follow online.

Is there an influencer you’d add to our list? Share them with us on Instagram!

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