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One thing is certain in these uncertain times: many of us are spending more time at home. Even if your home is now partly your office, using lighting to keep your space tranquil is a great idea. The right lighting fixtures can have a huge impact on your mood.

With that in mind, here are some home lighting trends for 2022, shaped by an unusual year.

1. LED Lighting

modern mood lighting 2021 smart led bulb purple

LED smart bulbs were a game changer when they first illuminated the market a few years ago. Furthermore, they’ve only become smarter since then. LED fixtures and smart bulbs are becoming increasingly popular because they let you set the ambience (aka the bulbs’ warmth and brightness) in your home, transforming a daytime home office to a cozy evening sanctuary. Customizing the lighting in your space can also help you save on energy bills!

Smart LED bulbs and strips are also affordable and widely available. This year, a big trend for home offices is integrated strip lighting. It mimics natural light and takes up hardly any space, freeing up precious desk real estate!


2. Sculptural floor lights

2021 lighting trends vintage camera light

Maximizing our space at home is more important than ever. Ceiling and wall lights may be a more obvious choice to save space. But big floor lights—which are predicted to be big in 2022—can look as interesting turned on as they do turned off!

Vintage options, like the tripod light shown above, make for an art piece and light fixture all in one. Choose fixtures that speak to your personality, or complement other features of your room.

3. Nature Inspired Lamps

wooden light fixture rustic hygge 2021 lighting trend

Deemed the new hygge,  “friluftsliv” is the Nordic concept of reconnecting with the outdoors, and was popular in 2021 for obvious reasons! What does this mean for lighting trends in the home, though? It means 2022 is all about bringing the outdoors indoors, wherever possible. Nature was the saviour of our mental health in 2021, so it’s no surprise that we want to embrace it in our homes.

Light fixtures made from natural fibres like rattan, wood and bamboo offer ways to add textures from nature to any room. Fixtures made from these materials are often upcycled or recycled, meaning they’re an eco-friendly option, too!

4. 70s Lighting

Lighting Trends for 2022: 70s Style - LightsOnline Blog

From statement lighting to mushroom lamps, we are starting to see 70s style take over in the lighting department this year! According to Pinterest, 70s lighting had a 344% increase in searches in the past three months. This is no surprise as maximalist interior design has been resurfacing in the past year. With its bold prints and vibrant colours, 70s style is perfect for those seeking something more playful in their homes or offices.

Remember to donate or recycle old or broken lighting fixtures (if you live in BC), using our recycling locator. If you have burnt out light bulbs and live in Manitoba, Quebec or PEI, don’t forget to recycle them too! Click your province to see the full list of what’s accepted for recycling there.

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