Ontario Industry Stewardship Plans (ISPs)

ISPs have been filed by Product Care Association for paint and coatings, pesticides, solvents and fertilizers in Ontario. At this time, Product Care is only pursuing the ISP for paints and coatings.

Stewardship Ontario is currently responsible for the end-of-life management of paints and coatings, under its MHSW program as an Industry Funding Organization (IFO) under the Waste Diversion Act.

In collaboration with the Canadian Paint and Coatings Association (CPCA) Product Care submitted an ISP for paint to Waste Diversion Ontario on September 9, 2013, under the Waste Diversion Act. The ISP outlines Product Care’s plan to operate an approved product stewardship program in Ontario for all stewards of paints and coatings.

View the Product Care Industry Stewardship Plan now.

Updates will be shared as they become available. In the meantime, please send all comments and questions regarding the ISP to ontarioISP@productcare.org.

What is an ISP?

ISPs are an alternative method provided for in the WDA for stewards to manage and fund a program for designated waste products, instead of paying fees directly to an Industry Funding Organization (IFO). A steward who is a member of an approved ISP for a particular product is no longer required to participate in the IFO for that product, if applicable. ISPs can be approved on behalf of one or more stewards. ISP proposals include a detailed description of how the program would be managed and operated, the waste targeted by the plan, diversion targets, etc.

Once a steward's ISP is approved, the steward can implement its program and is no longer required to submit fees to the IFO.

Join Our ISP

Stewards that want to participate in Product Care's paint and coatings ISP must sign a Letter of Intent with Product Care for the products to which they are obligated. Downloadable templates can be found on the left-hand side of this page and below.

We suggest incorporating your own company letterhead, filling in the date, revising any blue text, and updating the signatory. Once complete, please either scan and email a copy of the letter(s) to both Michael Scott, President, WDO and Mark Kurschner, President, Product Care Association or mail hard copies to both organizations, as referenced in the templates.

Product Care's ISP is currently in review.

Please note that stewards continue to be responsible to Stewardship Ontario for the management of affected MHSW program products at this time. Stewards will need to submit reports to Stewardship Ontario, and will continue to receive quarterly invoices from Stewardship Ontario for these ISP products.

For more information on the transition, view the joint communication between Product Care and Stewardship Ontario regarding the ISP.