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11th December 2020

SK HHW Program Launch and Fee Rates Take Effect April 1, 2021

Product Care Recycling’s Saskatchewan Household Hazardous Waste Product Stewardship Program will launch on April 1, 2021. Pursuant to the Household Hazardous Waste Products Stewardship Regulations, companies selling designated products into Saskatchewan (“first sellers”) must comply with the regulation by participating in an approved program.  The Product Care Recycling Saskatchewan HHW program was approved by Saskatchewan Environment on June 23, 2020 and is the only approved program at this time.

The designated product categories are the same as the Manitoba HHW stewardship program, with some exceptions. For a list of designated product categories, see the Appendix to the Regulation.  For a detailed list of included program products see the approved Saskatchewan Household Hazardous Waste Product Stewardship Program Plan and HHW Product Decision Tree.


If your company sells designated HHW products into Saskatchewan and you have not already registered with the program, please log into your Product Care account at https://ehfreporting.com/ and register for the SK HHW program in order to comply with the regulation and to avoid administrative charges for late registrations.

Environmental Handling Fees

The SK HHW program is funded by Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) remitted to the program by the members of the program.  As of April 1, 2021, registered first sellers must track their sales of all designated HHW products in Saskatchewan, in order to report the quantity sold and remit the EHFs to Product Care. The EHF rates for the designated HHW products are listed below.

Information relating to registration is provided at https://ehfreporting.com/ or for more information, contact

Jason Brown
SK HHW Program Manager


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