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29th September 2015

Requirement to Accept Amendments to PCA’s Membership Agreement

As a federally incorporated non-profit association, PCA was required to file articles of continuance and new bylaws with Corporations Canada under the new Canada Not for Profit Corporations Act (CNCA).  These articles and bylaws were approved by the members of PCA at the 2014 PCA AGM.  The acceptance of the articles and bylaws by Corporations Canada was delayed because Corporations Canada required a modification to the bilingual name of the association (now Product Care Association of Canada/Association pour la gestion responsable des produits du Canada) which has now been completed.

The restatement of PCA’s charter documents to meet the requirements of CNCA also required PCA to revise its membership agreement and policies. The new membership agreement and policies were reviewed with PCA members and stakeholders, including a May 2, 2014 webinar consultation.

Following the consultations, the revised membership agreement was approved at the February 2015 PCA board meeting and the policies were updated.

The PCA bylaws require each member to accept the new membership agreement.  Starting October 1, 2015 you will be prompted upon the log in to your member account to accept the new membership agreement. If you do not accept the new agreement by October 31st, you will not be able to complete and submit reports until you do so.

If you have any questions about the new articles, bylaws, policies and/or membership agreement, please contact us by email at contact@productcare.org or by phone at 1 877 592 2972 x 221.

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