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3rd April 2024

Québec – Non-refillable Fuel Containers Program Update and Environmental Handling Fees

Product Care announces Environmental Handing Fees for Quebec Non-Refillable Fuel Containers Program effective July 1, 2024


Product Care Association of Canada, operates Extended Producer Responsibility programs across Canada and in the US, including the Québec lighting program (RecycFluo).  Product Care is launching the Non-Refillable Fuel Containers program (the “Program”) on June 30, 2024 pursuant to the Québec Regulation respecting the recovery and reclamation of products by enterprises. Q-2. R.40.1 (the “Regulation”).

Products Designated in the Regulation:

The products covered by this category are containers used to hold liquids or gases under pressure that are to be used as fuel, such as propane, butane, isobutane or propylene, except lighters and fire starters.

The category of pressurized fuel containers is composed of the following subcategories, which include the types of products listed therein:

  1. non-refillable containers.
  2. refillable containers marketed in a territory referred to in section 17 of the regulation.

Products included in the Product Care Québec Non-Refillable Fuel Containers Program:

The Program will be limited to non-refillable fuel containers such as:

  • Non-refillable butane cylinders
  • Non-refillable camping cylinders
  • Non-refillable propane cylinders

Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) Rates for the Program:

The EHF categories and rates were approved by the Product Care board following the review of available data, and consultations with obligated producers:

Non-Refillable Fuel Container/ Cylinder Size (all fuel types)Environmental Handling Fee effective July 1, 2024
Containers less than 350 grams$0.55 per container/cylinder
Containers 350 grams or more$0.90 per container/cylinder

Note: There are restrictions on the display of EHFs in Québec. The Regulation requires EHFs to be internalized in the sale price as soon as the product is put on the market. For further information see section 7 of the Regulation.

Registration of obligated Producers with Product Care Program and with Regulator

The Regulation requires Producers to register with the regulator, Recyc-Québec, no later than March 30, 2024. The required registration form for Recyc-Quebec is completed through Product Care’s Member Registration and Reporting portal and submitted to the Regulator when registering with Product Care as a member of the Program.

Key requirements of the Regulation:

The Program commitments include the following requirements of the Regulation:

  • Collection network as required for based on municipal populations and locations and drop-off centres at the entrance to national parks, hunting, fishing, campgrounds and other outdoor recreation areas where such products are used.
  • Recovery rate of 25% in 2027, increasing by 5% every 2 years until a 50% rate is attained, then a 5% increase every 3 years until a 75% rate is attained.
  • Establish reserve funds equal to 50% of one year’s program operating expense, to cover any penalties that may be assessed under the Regulation.

Further Information:

If Product Care members have any questions regarding the new non-refillable fuel containers program in Québec, please email quebec@productcare.org . Product Care will continue to provide updates to producers.

Thank You,

The Product Care Team.

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