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24th July 2020

Product Care Association on MSHW Fee-Reduction Guide for Ontario Paint/Pesticides, Solvents, and Fertilizers (PSF) Program Members

This memo explains the process for obtaining EHF reductions for the Product Care ON Paint, Pesticides, Solvents and Fertilizers (Paint/PSF) programs for the supply period beginning January 1, 2020 and ending June 30, 2021 (“Fee Reduction Period”), subject to the available amount of fee reduction funds and the required acknowledgment of the expectation of consumer benefit.

A. Paint / PSF Retroactive EHF reductions for EHF reports already submitted:

If you have already filed and paid one or more environmental handling fee (EHF) reports for the Product Care ON Paint/PSF programs for product supplied on or after January 1, 2020, you will receive the following email from Product Care:

Sender: feereduction@productcare.org
Subject line: Fee reductions for ON paint/PSF EHF reports since January 1, 2020

We confirm that we have received the following EHF reports and related payments from you:

ProgramSupply MonthEHFs ReportedApplicable Sales TaxTotal PaidEligible Fee Reduction Amount

Total EHFs: $xxxxxx

In order to obtain the fee reduction amount(s) set forth in the table above, you must acknowledge that the expectation of the Ontario Minister Environment, Conservation and Parks is that this fee reduction will benefit consumers.

To receive the fee reduction:
1. Please reply to this email (at feereduction@productcare.org) and indicate your acceptance by checking the box below:

[ ]  Fee reduction: By checking the box, you accept the EHF fee reduction subject to the conditions set out here, and you acknowledge the expectation of the Ontario Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks that this fee reduction will benefit consumers.

2. Please provide your banking information so the payment can be made by electronic fund transfer (EFT) For more information visit:

• Product Care website: https://www.productcare.org/members/ontario-mhsw-transition/
• RPRA website: https://rpra.ca/

or contact Product Care at:

• email at feereduction@productcare.org
• Patrick Chauvet Director, Ontario Programs, 416.307.2886

Thank you for your participation in the ON Paint/PSF programs.

Product Care Association

After receiving your acknowledgment by return email, Product Care will issue a single refund payment for the total EHFs as shown above.

Note that applicable sales taxes (GST/HST/QST) are not eligible for fee reductions. Members are still responsible for the sales tax on the amount of the EHFs before the fee reduction and the sales tax amounts will not be refunded.

B. Paint / PSF Fee reductions for future filings:

For EHF reports which have not been filed and paid for Paint/PSF supplied in the Fee Reduction Period, the request for fee reductions can be made through the Product Care EHF reporting portal according to the procedure described below: https://ehfreporting.com/

Note: applicable sales taxes (GST/HST/QST) are not eligible for fee reductions and must be paid by the member in order to receive the fee reduction credit.

Steps required to obtain fee reduction:
The steps required to complete the filing of the EHF report in the Product Care EHF reporting system, and to obtain the fee reduction, are explained below.

1. Enter units sold for ON paint or PSF: After logging into the Product Care reporting portal and selecting “ON” as the province, the member will be prompted to enter the quantities sold for the product during reporting period. The note above the reporting table explains the fee-reduction process:

2. Confirm data accuracy and acknowledge of the Minister’s direction of consumer benefit: After entering supply quantities and selecting “Save & Continue,” a confirmation screen will appear with a new check box for the EHF reduction, as well as the “Data Accuracy” check box. To submit the report and obtain the fee reduction, the member must check both boxes.


3. Generation of EHF Invoice: after submission of the report, including the fee reduction confirmation, the system will automatically generate an EHF invoice showing the reported fees for each of Paint, Pesticides, Solvents and Fertilizers as well as the applicable HST/GST/QST explaining the fee reduction process.

4. Issuance of credit memo: After receiving and verifying a member’s report for any of the ON programs, Product Care staff will prepare and email the member a credit memo for the reported amount. This credit memo will show the fee reductions applied to the Paint/PSF EHF invoice.

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