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11th February 2020

Policy revision relating to fee reporting in month of termination

Date: February 11, 2020

Re: Policy revision relating to fee reporting in month of termination
The PCA membership agreement requires that members report sales and remit EHFs by the end of the month following the month in which the program materials were sold/supplied.

For accounting purposes, PCA recognizes EHFs as revenue in the month in which a member’s reports and remittances of EHFs are due to PCA. As a consequence, if a PCA membership is being terminated, EHFs do not need to be reported/paid for sales which occurred in the final month of membership, since the report/payment would occur after the termination date.

For clarification, the following wording has been added to Section 3 of the Product Care Association of Canada – Member Rules and Policies:

“In the case of the final month of the membership of a member of Product Care:
a) For a monthly reporter, an EHF report is not required and no EHFs are payable for sales in the month of termination.
b) Quarterly or annual reporters must revert to monthly reporting at the time of giving termination notice, and then (a) above applies.”

The revised Section 3 of the Member Rules and Policies can be viewed here: www.productcare.org/app/uploads/2016/02/PCA-Rules-and-Policy-EN-website.pdf

If you require additional information, please contact:

David Delachoux
Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Phone: 1-877-592-2972 x 229
Direct: 778-331-1013

Thank you for your participation in PCA’s stewardship programs.

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