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27th February 2015

PEI LightRecycle Program Update: Fees on light bulbs sold in lighting fixtures

Prince Edward Island regulations require the implementation of a product stewardship program for Lamp products in PEI, including all lamp technologies and sales to all users. See the regulations here.

Product Care’s PEI product stewardship program plan for lamp products – LightRecycle — has been approved by PEI’s Department of Environment, Labour and Justice and may be viewed here.

The PEI LightRecycle program will be funded by Environmental Handling fees or ‘’EHFs’’ applied to the sale or supply of new lamp products in PEI on or after April 1, 2015. The EHF rates are shown below.

The PEI Department of Environment, Labour and Justice has confirmed that if a lighting fixture is sold with a lamp already installed but removable, that lamp is included in the program. In order to harmonize between our different provincial lighting programs, PCA will apply the same integrated lamps policy in PEI as the one existing in BC.  Note that the fixture portion of the BC policy will not apply as lighting fixtures are not included in the PEI program.

Fees applyAccordingly, in the PEI LightRecycle program, the following fixtures sold with an integrated lamp will be subject to EHFs on a per lamp basis, regardless of the channel of distribution:

  • Linear Fixtures, sold with one or more integrated and replaceable linear fluorescent tubes. Examples would be strip lights, surfaced, suspended and wall mounts, linear troffers.
  • Area, Highway, Street and Post Lighting, such as Large Outdoor Fixtures sold with one or more integrated and replaceable HID/Other lamps. Examples would be pole or armed mounted luminaries for sidewalk, street, highway, pathway or post-top lighting, including “shoeboxes” and “Cobra head”.

Note: the EHF on these fixtures with integrated lamps is to cover the cost of managing the lamps and not the fixture.

Fees do not apply: All other fixture/lights combinations will NOT be charged a lamp fee in cases where the fixture/light(s) are sold as a single SKU, as supplied by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), regardless of the channel of distribution.

Applicable PEI fees, starting April 1st 2015. 

Note: The program captures lamps that are intended to illuminate space which is not the intended purpose of germicidal lamps, and therefore germicidal lamps are excluded from the program.

It is the decision of each member of the program how to manage the cost represented by the EHFs payable to the program.  Note the provisions in the Regulations with regard to fees and the display by retailers of education and awareness material at point of sale:

54. No retailer shall charge a consumer any separate fee with respect to the costs associated with implementing or operating a lamp product stewardship plan. (EC349/14)

55. A retailer shall prominently display, at the point of display or the point of sale of a lamp product, the education and awareness program information referred to in clause 50(3)(e) that is supplied to it by the brand owner or the brand owner’s agent. (EC349/14)

[see the Regulations]

For more information on the PEI LightRecycle program email us at info@lightrecycle.ca.

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