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1st May 2024

Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) for the Nova Scotia Lamps Program

Dear Product Care Members,

Product Care announces Environmental Handing Fees for the Nova Scotia Lamps Program effective August 1, 2024.

Regulatory Background

In 2023, Nova Scotia amended its Solid Waste-Resource Management Regulations, to add lamp products (lights) as designated materials under an extended producer responsibility framework.

Lamp products are defined as:

Replaceable light source designed to produce light from electricity and includes, but is not limited to, all the following:

  • Fluorescent tubes,
  • Compact fluorescent lamps,
  • High-intensity discharge lamps,
  • Incandescent lamps,
  • Light-emitting diode lamps,

 The framework includes designated lamps from all sectors: residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial, regardless of the brand.


Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) Rates for the Program:

The following EHF categories and rates were approved by the Product Care board following the review of available data and consultations with industry. These EHF rates will be effective August 1, 2024:

Product CategoryEHFs effective August 1, 2024 
Tubes measuring less than or equal to 2 feet$0.45
Tubes measuring greater than 2 feet and up to or equal to 4 feet$0.90
Tubes measuring greater than 4 feet$1.20
Compact fluorescent lights (CFL) / Screw-in induction lamps$0.30
Light emitting diodes (LED)*$0.30
Light emitting diodes (LED) – Tubes and Others*$0.65
High intensity discharge (HID), Special Purpose and other$1.75
Incandescent / Halogen$0.30
Miniature bulb package$0.30

*Important note: LEDs have been divided into two categories: LEDs and LED Tubes & Others.

If Product Care members have any questions regarding the Nova Scotia Lamps Program, feel free to contact:


Product Care Team

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