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23rd September 2022

‘Environment Canada’ Consultation papers on plastics labelling and a proposed Federal registry of producers of plastic products

Dear Product Care member,

We encourage you to review the information provided below regarding ongoing consultation for new proposed national requirements for plastics labelling and a federal plastic registry of producers of plastic products.


The Government of Canada Launched two consultations sessions in support of its Zero Plastic Waste Agenda.

  1. The development of labelling rules for recyclability and compostability (e.g., the use of the “chasing arrows”) (see consultation page, discussion paper)
  2. The development of a federal plastics registry for producers of plastic products (See consultation page, discussion paper)

More information can be found on the Plastic Initiatives and Regulations webpage.

If you have any questions on the consultation process, please contact Stratos at plastiques-plastics@stratos-sts.com.

If you have feedback on the Consultation Papers or additional feedback on the process, please contact Environment and Climate Change Canada at plastiques-plastics@ec.gc.ca.

Potential Impacts for PCA members:

Proposed Plastics Registry:

  • The proposed plastic Registry could place additional reporting requirements on EPR programs with regards to the types of plastic being used for packaging and/or manufacturing.
  • Empty paint containers are managed through PCA. Members will need to be aware of new labelling requirements.

We encourage members to review the information and engage in the consultation process.

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