Option for annual reporting for “Small Remitters” with total annual EHFs under $2,000, effective 2018

The PCA member policy currently provides the option of quarterly Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) reporting for members with aggregate annual remittances up to $20,000/calendar year.

PCA is pleased to announce the option of annual reporting for PCA members in good standing with aggregate annual EHFs for all PCA programs of less than $2,000, available beginning in 2018, subject to prior approval by PCA.  The new policy wording (effective January 1, 2018) is:

“Members with aggregate annual EHFs for all PCA programs of less than $2,000 in the prior calendar year, who are in good standing with a record of timely and accurate fee reporting and payment, may request in writing a change to reporting on a calendar annual basis. Prior written approval by Product Care is required.”

Note that this policy is optional, upon request by qualifying members.  Some members may prefer to report monthly or quarterly (if approved) in any event.

If a member makes this request and is approved in writing by PCA under the new policy, the annual report and EHF remittance for January 1 to December 31, 2018 period will be due before the end of January 2019. Failure to report or pay on time will result in the return to quarterly or monthly reporting.

Requests to report annually in 2018 must be submitted to PCA by email by January 18, 2018. Please note that PCA will not be able to consider the request until after your final EHF report for 2017 has been filed and paid (due before the end of January, 2018).

If your organization qualifies for annual reporting or if you require further information, please contact Kevin Kim (kevin@productcare.org) or David Delachoux (david@productcare.org).