Important Updates to PCA’s EHF Reporting System

Dear PCA Members,

PCA is preparing to launch its updated Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) reporting system (  At this time, we wanted to provide you with more information about the update, and notify you of some important policy and process changes that will be implemented in the new system, including:

  1. PCA EHF reporting system being updated

PCA is in the process of completing an extensive update of the PCA member registration and reporting system.  The user interface will not change significantly, but the new underlying IT system will provide automatic data integration between the member portal, the database and the accounting system, providing a more efficient, functional and reliable system.

The new EHF Reporting system will be implemented before the end of the year, and notice will be provided before the new system goes live.

2. Change in basis for applying GST/HST rate to EHFs based on the member’s address, not on the province of the EHF report

Since the beginning of all PCA programs, the GST/HST rates which are applied by PCA when EHFs are reported/paid to PCA by a member are based on the province of the program.  PCA received the advice of a tax expert and subsequently a ruling from Revenue Canada to the effect that the Canadian federal sales tax (GST/HST) rate that applies to reported EHFs should be the GST/HST rate of the province of the head office or contracting office address of the member, not the province of the program for which the EHFs are being reported.

For example, if your head office is located in Ontario, and you are submitting an EHF report for one of PCA’s British Columbia programs, the updated reporting system will use the Ontario HST rate of 13%, and not the BC GST rate of 5%.  The same rate would apply to EHF reports for all PCA programs.

This change will take effect when the new system goes live.  PCA recommends that you review and if necessary update your company address in the existing system to ensure the correct address is used for the determination of the GST/HST rate that will apply to all EHFs reported/paid on all PCA programs for which your company is registered.

For members with head office addresses in the US, please provide a Canadian address if available, otherwise PCA will need to manually determine which Provincial GST/HST rate to use based on past sales reports.

To change or update your company address, please log in to and select “Basic Member Information”.

Note that this change relates to the federal sales tax (GST/HST) applicable to fees reported and paid by members to PCA. Each member must determine what taxes/rates apply to the supply of the actual products to their customers.  PCA does not provide tax advice to members and recommends that any member requiring additional information with regard to this matter should contact their own tax advisor.

3. Application of Administrative Charges for Late EHF Reports and Late EHF Payments

PCA recently provided notice of a change to the PCA Member Policy regarding penalties/administrative charges for late EHF reports or payments, which will be effective as of November 1, 2017.  The new fee reporting IT system will automatically apply these charges to members who are overdue.

The new policy provides for an administrative charge of $25 per month for each PCA program fee report that is overdue.  For example, if a member is registered for every PCA product category in BC and files the EHF report late for those programs, the member will be invoiced a $25 administrative charge for each of the 3 BC programs: Paint and HHW, Lamps and Lighting Equipment, and Alarms, resulting in a total of $75 of charges for each month the report is late.  If the member was only registered in a single PCA product category in BC and was late filing their EHF report, the charge would be $25 per month that the report is overdue.

In summary PCA’s Member policy now provides for the following administrative charges for late EHF reports or payments:

  • Late EHF reports – $25 for every month that each monthly fee report is overdue
  • Late EHF payments – an administrative charge will apply at the rate of 1 % per month on any late payment as provided in the current policy.

For clarity, a summary of PCA programs and products, grouped by program plan, is provided below.

We strongly encourage any members who are late in reporting or paying invoices to catch up on such overdue reports or payments, as administrative charges will be applied when the new system goes live.

Notice of the change of policy and details of the administrative charges can be found here.

4. Report and Payment Reminders

To assist with ensuring members stay up to date on reporting and payments (and to avoid the administrative charges outlined above), the new system will also send out automatic report and payment reminder emails, to notify members when upcoming reports are due, and to advise of any overdue reports or payments.

Please ensure your contact information is up to date in the current system at to ensure these email notifications are sent to the correct email addresses.  System generated emails will be sent to the primary member contact, and to any alternative contacts also added to the system.

PCA appreciates the continued support of its members as PCA upgrades its EHF reporting system.  Notice will be provided in advance of the new system going live, along with an overview and instructions for using the new system.

Please direct any questions and comments regarding this matter to Lauren Kulokas, IT Project Manager, at


Table of PCA programs, grouped by program plan