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Here at Product Care Recycling, we are always impressed by the number of people who are excited to do their part to help the environment by recycling. There is so much enthusiasm from consumers to keep products out of the landfill, and one of the questions we are most commonly asked is: “where things like paint cans, light bulbs, and smoke alarms be recycled?” Since products like these are not accepted as a part of curbside recycling, it can sometimes feel as though they require a special trip to the recycling depot. What you may not know, however, is that there might be a collection site closer to home than you think.

In efforts to promote a circular economy with the products we buy and then subsequently dispose of, more and more retailers are offering their own “take-back” programs for everyday recyclables.

What is a “take-back” program? Simply put, it is local retailers accepting recyclable products like light bulbs, batteries, packaging, and other materials by offering collection bins inside their store locations. What exactly is taken back is to the discretion of the retailer themselves, however, it is usually based on products already sold inside the store. For example, a lights recycling station can sometimes be found where new CFLs are bought. These three examples below are just some of the many retailers who champion being green and offer take-back programs in-store!

London Drugs
In a commitment to reduce its environmental impact, London Drugs launched an impressive “What’s the Green Deal” recycling program in stores across Canada in 2008. They accept most CFL and fluorescent lights and smoke alarms from our respective programs, as well as a plethora of recyclables from batteries, small appliances, styrofoam, and other recyclables.

This hardware store chain has also made a commitment to the sustainable disposal of products through its new recycling station program. In clearly marked sorting stations located outside of participating RONA stores, it encourages customers to drop off old CFL light bulbs, batteries, smoke alarms, and other materials. Many RONA centres even offer household paint recycling as well!

Home Hardware and Building Centres
Homeowners helping home recyclers! This Canadian hardware store chain is integrating more recycling options within their stores. Participating Product Care Recycling recycling locations offer take-back facilities for burnt out CFLs or unused paint cans.

We couldn’t be happier that these local retailers are taking initiative and offering a sustainable disposal solution for many of the products they sell. Sometimes, it can be as simple as taking it back! To find a take-back program or recycling location near you, click here!


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