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Attention parents and teachers in BC: it’s time to let the games begin! BC Green Games is Science World’s annual eco-storytelling competition that allows students in schools across BC to work together in teams, submit their green stories, and win prizes to help further their environmental initiatives. Now in its eleventh year, Green Games is celebrating over a decade of sustainability and green action with 2019’s province-wide contest!

We’re thrilled to be partnering with BC Green Games for our third year in a row. Once again, we’ll be offering a recycled paint mural as a major Green Games prize (because that’s what we do—recycle paint!) Our 2018 winners at Dorothy Peacock Elementary School sure enjoyed their mural – painted by local artist Jaymie Johnson with help from the school’s students. You can also check out our blog all about our 2017 winners’ mural here!

Lights! Robots! Action! painted by Jaymie Johnson at Dorothy Peacock Elementary School, 2018

Still need convincing? Here are 4 reasons your kids should participate in BC Green Games.

1.  It inspires environmental leadership and community involvement at a young age

Now, more than ever, we need to work together to nurture the young change makers of our future.

An important part of kids taking action about the issues they care about is making sure they know that their actions do make a difference. That’s what BC Green Games is all about – and you can see it right on their website! Check out over 800 past submissions from eco-warriors across the province in BC Green Games’ gallery.

2. Your child’s school could win $1,000 in grants…and a recycled paint mural!

How cool is that? Science World is awarding ten of these grants to elementary and secondary schools with outstanding environmental achievements. Check out last year’s grant winners here.

Our School Mural prize is made from 100% recycled paint, collected from our local paint processing facility in Delta. This means if you recycle your paint at one of hundreds of recycling locations near you, your paint may very well end up in this year’s school mural!

3. You can participate from anywhere in the province!

You heard us right. Because BC Green Games’ platform is entirely digital, you can enter the competition and win prizes whether you live as close to Science World as Surrey or as far away as Cranbrook, Prince George, Tofino, or Fort Nelson. This is important because place-based education and project-centric learning should be accessible to all British Columbians, no matter what school you go to or what your socioeconomic status is!

4. It allows kids to get creative

Pro tip: the BC Green Games judges (including us!) love outside-of-the-box thinking. Fortunately, that’s what kids specialize in! Have an unusual way to remove invasive species from your local forests? Or to raise awareness about endangered birds due to outdoor house cat populations? Found a better way to prevent or put out forest fires in BC? We want to hear about it!

2018 Green Games winners, Dorothy Peacock Elementary, working on their recycled paint mural

Are you as excited about BC Green Games as we are? We hope so! The deadline for project submissions is March 1st, 2019. You can learn more and submit your project on the Green Games website.

And, don’t forget: if you’re interested in winning our mural prize, you should keep in mind that we love recycling paint, light bulbs, and smoke alarms. So, a project about special waste recycling would be super cool in our eyes. Just saying! (Wink wink.)


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