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Attention all Delta residents: Do you need paint for a project? On a budget and not sure where to get it? Don’t sweat it — we’ve got a solution!

Our PaintShare program is unique to Product Care Recycling, and allows individuals to pick up paint at various depots that has been contributed by others in your community.  The best part? It’s free of charge and there’s a new Delta location near you! Stop by our new Delta Processing Plant at 7781 Vantage Way, Delta, BC  to pick up some free paint for your next project. We’re open Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday between 11:30 am – 1:30 pm. 

Our Surrey plant is now closed but don’t fret — we just relocated to the above location, so go give a warm welcome.

Now that you know where to go, the question is why should you reuse your paint?

Along with being the most cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative for handling leftover paint, reusing paint puts it where it belongs – on buildings, walls, and fences. At the same time, PaintReuse diverts leftover paint away from our landfills and waterways. So when you use leftover paint, not only are you helping to colour your surroundings — nothing brightens up a room like a fresh coat of paint! — but you’re also contributing to a clean environment and happy earth.

Another bonus of the program — there’s no limit to the amount of paint an individual or organization can take. Leftover paint is given away on an as-is, as-available basis.

How should I store leftover paint?

To properly store paint, clean the rim of the can to ensure a proper seal. Pour 1/8″ (3mm) of solvent on top of oil-based paint, or 1/8″ (3mm) of water on top of latex paint to seal the surface, then secure the lid. Alternatively, stretch plastic wrap over the can opening, replace the lid securely, and store paint upside down. This will create an airtight seal to keep the paint fresh until you’re ready to use it again. Always store paint away from heat sources at temperatures between 3 degrees and 35 degrees Celsius, and out of the reach of children.

If you have more questions about PaintReuse or PaintRecycle in BC, check out this information page or feel free to contact us.

Not close to Delta? Check out this map to find a PaintReuse program near you.

Consumers using this service must sign a waiver form. Please note that Product Care Recycling cannot guarantee the product quality of the leftover paint available in the reuse program.


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