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This past weekend, Product Care and OPEIC attended the BC Home & Garden Show with the goal of educating people on the importance of waste diversion and recycling. Armed with a brand new trivia wheel and some great reusable giveaways, we set off on an adventure to teach people just how easy it is to help keep hazardous products out of the landfill by visiting local collection sites.

Aside from being able to help spread the recycling word, the best part of attending these events comes from the feedback that we’re given and the questions that we’re able to answer for you. The BC Home & Garden Show, however, brought out some questions that even we didn’t know the answers to! Since we’re all about passing on the knowledge, here are some of the questions and answers to recycling some products that might have you asking – what do I do with it?

Q: I have some old mercury that came out of a broken thermometer. I’ve cleaned it up and contained it, but where can I recycle it?
A: In the Lower Mainland, the only site that will accept liquid mercury is Nu-Life Industries located at 3347 – 262nd Street in Aldergrove. Since this is not a product that charges an eco-fee at the time of purchase, you will have to pay $0.01 per gram to dispose of it – a small price to pay to protect the environment! For hours of operation or further questions, you can call Nu-Life directly at 604-857-5588.

Q: Can I put saran wrap in my recycling bin?
A: Since saran/cling wrap is not considered a “packaging material” it is not recyclable in BC and must be thrown in the garbage bin. Our best tip to avoid this kind of waste is to purchase re-usable containers for sealing your products. Not only will these last longer and keep things fresher, but they will help reduce your plastic consumption!

Q: I love being a dog owner and don’t mind picking up the poop, but I feel bad simply throwing the plastic bags away. Should I not be recycling them?
A: Although you can recycle plastic bags at several collection sites in BC, once they have been used to pick up animal waste they are considered contaminated and therefore cannot be recycled. To cut back on plastic bag disposal, head to a pet-friendly trail where your dog can go off in the woods, leaving the waste to decompose naturally!

Do you have a question about a product you’d like to recycle? Call the Recycling Hotline at 604-RECYCLE or 1-800-667-4321


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